A Beginner’s Guide to Safely Try Weed Edibles

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Edibles have evolved a lot since people started mixing cannabis into their butter. Today, cannabis-infused edibles have turned into a multimillion-dollar market with new and new products popping up every day. With the wave of legalization spreading throughout the world, the popularity of these products is ever increasing. But eating cannabis-infused foods can be confusing, particularly if you are not experienced. In this post, we provide a guide to safely try weed edibles

How Edibles Work

While the feeling users get from smoking and eating cannabis is pretty similar, the way they take the supplement determines how THC is processed. This component is responsible for the feeling of high and it affects the onset period as well as the intensity of high and the duration of effects. When taken through inhalation, all the cannabis is absorbed through the lungs and enter the bloodstream, causing effects within minutes. On the other hand, edibles need to be digested by the stomach and then pass to the liver before THC is absorbed into the bloodstream. This means it can take anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours to fully kick in. 

Expect a Long-Lasting High

A difference between smoking and eating weed is in terms of how long the effects last. While smokers can expect the effects to last for about three hours, edibles may not wear off completely before even ten hours. This is why edibles are preferable by those who want to use cannabis for sleep as the mind-altering effects can put them to good, long sleep.

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Start Low, Go Slow

This is a must-follow rule for beginners looking to try weed edibles. It is recommended that you start with a product containing no more than 10 mg of THC though most experts advise a dose of 2.5-5 mg for first-time users. Beginners should start with low doses and wait for at least two hours before consuming more. It is better to wait for the whole day and consume slightly more dose the next day. It can be increased gradually till desired effects are achieved. Another mistake users make is beginning to make weed edibles at home. Though it may seem appealing, it is actually challenging to infuse precise amounts of THC into the edibles. If you bake at home, it can be difficult to get an idea of how much each piece contains. This is why experts recommend buying edibles from reputed companies. 

What to Buy?

Before you start purchasing, remember that although it is legal for adults to possess an ounce of cannabis, you still need a recommendation from doctor to purchase medical marijuana products, if recreational use is not yet legalized in your state. Those who have recommendations can visit their nearest dispensary or buy cheap weed online through legit websites. The key is to look for lab-tested products. 

While it is common to find infused foods from unlabeled and unlicensed brands, reputed companies lab-test their products and provide clear labels indicating how much THC it contains. Users should see that they purchase products in serving sizes of 10 mg or less THC so that they can actually start low and go slow until they find desired results.